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Counting carbs and calories
with a fingertip

The Sweetbee Plate Mate® tablet application shows in a simple
and visual way what's on your plate. You can keep track of your
carbohydrate, calorie intake and your blood sugar levels. Set
and realize that your own goals. With more than 300 food
products you can make endless combinations and get healthy
inspiration. In a few seconds your virtual meal is ready. Enjoy your meal!


Acces to the food database

Access to the food database in one move

Thanks to touch technology, you can quickly leaf through more than 300 products. They are neatly divided into categories with a handy search function.

virtual meal

Virtual meal

No more rough estimates and having to weigh products on scales. With the Plate mate® you can playfully prepare your meal virtually and compare it with what is actually on your plate. This is not just an attractive gadget but for many users also constitutes life-saving information.

Storing information

Storing information about meals and blood sugar levels

With the touch of a finger, you can store information about meals in the logbook. Blood sugar levels can also be included here so that the user and health care provider can monitor the relationship between food intake and blood sugar level over a particular period.

E-mail functionality

E-mail functionality

By using the telemonitoring function, you can easily inform your health care provider remotely about all your food intake and blood sugar levels. It is useful to know that all data traffic is processed through a safe server so that your privacy is always protected.

Acces to the carbohydrate guide

Access to the carbohydrate guide

You have access to the complete carbohydrate food guide through a separate screen. All products are displayed in the guide as a portion that corresponds to one carbohydrate unit. In this way, you obtain an accurate picture of the quantity of carbohydrates present.

Add favorite meals

Add favorite meals

Sunday croissants with cheese sandwich? A fish plate on friday? With the Platemate you can store and rename your favorite dishes. Once stored it only takes a second to make your virtual meal, and you can still edit your portions. You can create endless favorits for all your repetitive meals.

monitoring blood glucose levels

Monitoring blood glucose levels

If you controle your blood glucose levels, it's very useful to monitor these values over a period of time. This way you discover the effect of your foodintake on your blood levels on a given time during the day. Keeping your blood glucose values within the limits, is key to avoid long term complications.

Details of food

Details of food intake

The application calculates everything connected to your meal. Apart from the number of carbohydrates and calories, you will also find the fat content and amount of proteins and fiber content. If you exceed the intake of calories or carbohydrates, this is then indicated by means of a red bar.

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Sweetbee® originated from a concern about good information for diabetes patients. With the multitude of information from various angles, people sometimes can´t see the wood from the trees. That´s why Sweetbee® decided to compile clear and illustrated information.

Sweetbee® is a team of specialists. Doctor Raoul Rooman is specialised in medical information and has been active in diabetes research for many years. He is responsible for the scientific section of the Sweetbee® information. For information about food, he cooperates with –among others- well-known dieticians Annemie Van de Sompel (+) and Katrien Wellens.

The communication experts of Buzzbee were involved to present all information clearly and nicely.

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